Heirloom Collection Bedroom Set

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Species Shown: Cherry w/ Washington Finish


3 Drawer Nightstand: 24″W x 30″H x 17″D

2 Door Nightstand: 24″W x 30″H x 17″D

Lingerie Chest: 23″W x 52″H x 17″D

68″ Dresser: 68″W x 34″H x 19″D

68″ Tall Dresser: 68″W x 44″H x 19″D

Tri-View Mirror (beveled): 55″W x 45″H x 3″D

Landscape Mirror (beveled): 55″W x 24″H x 2″D

Armoire: 43″W x 75″H x 21″D

Chest on Chest: 38″W x 53″H x 19″D

Mule Chest: 63″W x 84″H x 21″D


Other pieces available in collection – please call for custom adjustments

10% off order of 4 Bedroom items or more! – Discount not applied to set price

Generally speaking, when placing an order for Amish crafted furniture, allow 10 to 12 weeks from the time you order until your furniture is delivered. Because the majority of pieces are custom ordered, your furniture is built specifically for you, including wood, stain, and hardware choices. Times may vary during busier seasons. If you have questions, please speak with one of our sales associates for details about a delivery date for your custom piece. 

Additional information

Heirloom Set

Heirloom Set King Bed, Heirloom Set Queen Bed, Heirloom Set Full Bed, Heirloom Set Twin Bed, Heirloom Set 3 Drawer Nightstand, Heirloom Set 2 Door nightstand, Heirloom Set Lingerie Chest, Heirloom Set 68" dresser, Heirloom Set 68" Tall dresser, Heirloom Set Tri view Mirror, Heirloom Set Landscape Mirror, Heirloom Set Armoire, Heirloom Set Chest on Chest, Heirloom Set Mule Chest

Wood Type

Oak, Cherry

Standard Finishes

Acorn FC-11725, Acres FC-106, Asbury FC-7992, Baywood FC-12108, Boston FC-97599, Briar FC-16743, Chestnut FC-104, Chianti FC-R0729, Chocolate Spice FC-9090, Coffee FC-226, Copper FC-7695, Driftwood FC-11434, Ebony FC-11047, English Oak FC-12092, Golden Brown FC-10901, Golden Honey FC-5591, Kona FC-N3030, Lite Asbury FC-9018, Malaguania FC-N3176, Michaels Cherry FC-113, Natural, New Carrington FC-N3173, Nutmeg FC-N317, Onyx FC-230, Pewter FC-12032, Rich Tobacco FC-228, Saddle FC-10759, Sand FC-11673, Sealy FC-20004, Sierra FC-7234, Smokehouse FC-15659, Tanbark FC-7136, Tavern FC-10944, Tea FC-10944, Washington Cherry FC-97595, Wheat FC-12010, Windsor FC-6321

4 reviews for Heirloom Collection Bedroom Set

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