Econ #130 TV Stand


Modern and minimalist style TV stand, with recessed doors and a step back base. This piece of Hand crafted Amish Furniture is designed for decades of use, using the finest solid maple wood, our signature finish, and premium hardware.

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TV Stand Standard Features

  • 60″W x 16.5″D x 25.25″H
  • Solid Brown Maple Hardwood construction w/Solid Sides
  • Rich Tobacco OCS-228 Stain
  • Hardware: K3489
  • One Full Length Adjustable Shelf behind Doors
  • 2″ x 4″ Oval Cord Hole in Back
  • Framed Tinted Glass Doors (Conceals components While Allowing Remote Function)
  • Premium VOC-compliant Finish
    • Water Resistant
    • House-hold Chemical Resistant
    • Heat Resistant

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Available Customizations Upon Request

  • Need the desk to be bigger or smaller? Not a problem! Let us know the desired dimensions and we can work up a quote for you!
  • Need more storage? We can add drawers underneath and/or cubby storage on top.
  • The wood, finish, and hardware can be changed upon request. Contact us to let us know what you would like, and we will work up a quote with your specifics.

What to expect with Hand Crafted Amish Furniture

When it comes to furniture, quality is just as important as style. Being able to use each piece on a daily basis without having to worry if it will fall apart. Each piece of solid wood furniture we offer, is hand crafted by local Amish craftsman right here in Ohio.

The solid hardwood used to make your furniture (sourced from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia) is kiln dried over an extended period of time. This is to greatly reduce warping & cracking, and exterminate anything that may have been living in the tree (such as insects).

Even after being kiln dried, a piece of wood can still warp or crack depending on the humidity and climate. To combat this, several techniques are put in place to ensure the quality of the furniture will last decades. For example: on a table top, the will grain patterns. One piece will have the grain pointing up, and the next piece will have the grain facing down. A spline is also installed on each seam before being put together.

After the furniture is built, the stain is applied as well as our signature premium finish to protect and preserve the wood used in your furniture. Our finish is water based, as well as VOC compliant. Protecting it from water, house-hold chemicals, as well as heat and scratches. Providing you with a piece of heirloom quality furniture that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

How to Clean & Maintain Hand Crafted Amish Furniture

Once you receive your new furniture, you may be wondering what is involved in caring for it. While our furniture is built and designed to be used daily, there are some care instructions.

  • You will want to dust often to remove everyday abrasive particles. You will want to use a soft cloth and follow the grain of the wood.
  • When cleaning, use a mild non-alkaline soap with water. Use the suds in a damp sponge or cloth. If you are using a new soap or cleaning chemical, and are unsure it is safe, test it first on an out of site area to make sure it doesn’t damage the finish. As always, go with the grain of the wood.
  • DO NOT WAX OR USE ANY POLISH THAT CONTAINS SILICONE! The silicone will build up in the wood grain, which will damage the wood should you ever have the furniture refinished.
  • If you can, place your new furniture away from radiators, fireplaces, and heating ducts.
  • If possible, it is best to control the humidity in your home to around 40-45%. Humidifiers in the winter as well as dehumidifiers or air conditioners in the summer are great for this.
  • Porcelain, ceramic, and most other materials used for dishes are harder than wood. Sliding directly on the furniture may cause surface scratches. To avoid scratches, consider using coasters, placemats, or even felt tabs. If you do have a scratch that goes through the finish into the wood, give us a call


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