Our Products

Living Room

In addition to hand crafted Amish wood furniture, we also carry several lines of upholstered furniture. Some is made right here in Holmes County, while others – such as Temple Furniture – are proudly Made in the USA with attention to durability and detail. 

Dining Room

We have a huge wide variety of dining room essentials that would look great in any house to give it that family dining experience we love to cherish. We offer different types of wood along with stain to make your dining set even more enjoyable and give it that extravagant look you have always wanted.  


At Walnut Creek Furniture you can find every bedroom essentials that you could image to make you have that extravagant look in any bedroom of your house. 


Walnut Creek Furniture is the place to find an extravagant piece for your kitchen. If you are redoing your kitchen or just want to add a great piece of hand crafted furniture to your kitchen space, Walnut Creek Furniture is the place to find all your kitchen furniture needs. 

Office Furniture

 If its for your home or a companies office space at Walnut Creek Furniture we have you covered from desk to filing cabinets. Hand crafted office furniture will make any regular office space into an extravagant one. 

Barn Wood Furniture

Our Barnwood furniture is made of authentic logs and lumber harvested from real barns from nearby and across Ohio. These barns—really—are given a second life. And it’s special when we realize that the chairs and tables and beds we enjoy in our homes have weathered the storms, and jammed and absorbed the stories of a life well-lived. And now they get a second run in our homes.

Miscellaneous Furniture

A huge variety of miscellaneous hand crafted furniture can be found at Walnut Creek Furniture. From mirrors to deacon benches to hall seats, you name it we have it and if you don’t find what your looking for we also specialized in custom made to order pieces as well.    

Amish Hand Crafted Furniture

We have a great variety of hand crafted Amish furniture as well as a wide variety of upholstered furniture to choose from. Get in contact with Walnut Creek Furniture with any questions or concerns you have.